Instantly provisioned accelerated compute clusters and instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Train models with pre-loaded ML frameworks on lightning fast and powerful NVIDIA GPU instances in the cloud.

On demand access to GPU compute servers for AI and Machine Learning applications

VMX Cloud GPU: Unleashing NVIDIA Power for Next-Gen Infrastructure

SecureWeb Cloud’s VMX Cloud GPU combines large-scale dedicated clusters with on-demand VM flexibility, all turbocharged by NVIDIA GPUs. Eliminating driver complexities and licensing hurdles, it provides direct access to raw GPU power for any computational task.

VMX Cloud GPU, a collaborative effort between SecureWeb Cloud and NVIDIA, redefines GPU-accelerated infrastructure. With large-scale dedicated clusters and flexible on-demand VMs, it’s the gateway to unparalleled computational capabilities.

Key Features:

Dedicated Clusters and VM Flexibility: Scale seamlessly with dedicated clusters.Spin up on-demand VMs tailored to your workload.

NVIDIA GPU Acceleration: Tap into the raw power of NVIDIA GPUs for high-performance computing. No more hassles with driver setups or licensing complexities.

Next-Gen Infrastructure: Sidestep limitations and embrace cutting-edge GPU capabilities.Whether it’s AI, data science, or graphics rendering, Cloud GPU delivers.

    Why Choose VMX Cloud GPU?

    • Performance Unleashed: NVIDIA GPUs turbocharge your applications.
    • Simplicity: Say goodbye to driver headaches and licensing hurdles.
    • Versatility: From research to production, VMX Cloud GPU adapts to your needs.

    NVIDIA H100 & H200 Tensor Core

    NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU



    Experience the future of GPU-accelerated computing—choose SWC VMX Cloud GPU today!

    On demand GPU compute servers in multiple locations worldwide

    On-demand GPUs for Machine Learning & Scientific Computing

    GPU cloud instances are instrumental in enabling AI adoption at business scale, transforming the enterprise while empowering startups to accelerate offerings to compete on a global market.

    State of the Art Hardware

    Our GPUs are NVIDIA A100, A16, and A40 models, which are the world’s best in the cloud marketplace. You can power all use-cases for parallel processing, deep learning, or ray tracing with ease of use and high reliability.

    Hyperfast Video Rendering

    Handle even larger size videos with our GPUs to measurably reduce rendering time. Improve your design, imaging and photography in order to reach a broader audience with SecureWeb Cloud world class media and entertainment industry solutions.

    SecureWeb Cloud GPU InfraStack

    SecureWeb Cloud GPU InfraStack is a holistic hardware layer and integrated network which deploys instances from our inventory of NVIDIA GPUs, pre-configured with NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, NVIDIA cuDNN and NVIDIA Drivers for consumption in your various use-cases.
    VMX Cloud GPU instances at the core of SecureWeb Cloud’s GPU services are game-changing with NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs at the core. These powerful virtual machine enable customers with the processing power required to handle complex tasks, rendering 3D animations, calculating scientific data, or training neural networks for AI and machine learning.

    Our reputation for unmatched performance stability helps reduce the downtime that jeopardizes business productivity at scale.
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