VMX Cloud Compute

Instantly provisioned secure virtual servers with snapshots, backup and one-click applications available in the cloud

Flexible and secure cloud compute instances on a hyper-fast IP backbone

Your VMX Cloud Compute instances feature direct attached NVME storage and high performance Xeon CPU resources.

Fast and secure cloud computing in locations worldwide

Flexible Secure Next-Gen Virtualization Technology

Speed up the development and testing flow easier by spinning up different operating system environments. Developers can to compare application performance across different operating environments with security and elasticity.

One Click Development Applications

Increase your development workflow and efficiency with a selection of popular server applications that can be launched from the control panel with one click.

Safe Backups and Snapshots

Your data is always safe, secure and quickly restorable with snapshot images included, and server backups as an option.

Root User Control and Capabilities

SSD Cloud VPS with root control to access and edit all of the files on your server including system-critical files. You can root to securely install and uninstall applications seamlessly.
VMX Cloud Compute instances are perfect for small or medium scale businesses, developers and agencies to improve application control, performance, and flexibility.

VMX Cloud Compute server instances increase the availability, speed, and security that are essential to every application. The next-gen VMX Cloud Compute devices give developers and organizations a greater level of control compared to shared hosting plans.
Available OS & Applications

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