GNU Free Software Packages

October 13, 2014 GNU / Linux


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GNU is a Unix-like operating system that is free software—it respects your freedom. You can install Linux-based versions of GNU which are entirely free software. The GNU System provides a collection of applications, libraries, and developer tools, plus a program to allocate resources and talk to the hardware, known as a kernel.

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3dldf package for three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output
A2ps Any to PostScript filter
Abdabi Service discovery system for DotGNU
Acct GNU system accounting utilities
Acm Aerial combat simulation game
Activation JavaBeans™ Activation Framework
Adns Resolver library for C and C++ programs
Anubis Processes outgoing mail
Apl free version of the programming language APL
Archimedes Software for designing and simulating submicron semiconductor devices
Aris A formal logical proof program
Aroundme Social networking and team interaction software
Aspell Spell checker
Auctex Integrated environment for editing LaTeX and TeX files
Autoconf Produces shell scripts which automatically configure source code
Autoconf-archive collection of free autoconf macros
Autogen Automated program and text generation
Automake Generates files
Avl Library for balanced binary trees
BPEL2oWFN translates a web service expressed in BPEL into an oWFN
Ball and Paddle an old-fashioned ball and paddle game.
Barcode Converts text strings to printed bars
Bash Shell of the GNU operating system
Bayonne GNU telephony server
Bazaar a friendly powerful distributed version control system.
Bc Interactive algebraic language
Binutils Collection of binary utilities
Bison Replacement for the parser generator ‘yacc’
Bool Utility for matching boolean queries in text
C-Graph software for visualizing convolution and demonstrating the convolution theorem
CPPI a cpp directive indenter.
Calendula Fund-raising/contact management software for non-profits
CcAudio2 Library and software for manipulating audio data
Ccd2cue CCD sheet to CUE sheet converter
Ccrtp RTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project
Ccscript C++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system
Cfengine Maintains configuration of a heterogenous UNIX network
Cflow Charts control flow within source code
Cgicc a C++ class library for writing CGI applications
Chess Chess game
Cim Compiler for the programming language Simula
Classpath Free core class libraries for the Java programming language
Classpathx Unfinished free implementation of the Java extension libraries
Clisp ANSI Common Lisp compiler, debugger, and interpreter
Cobol Project to produce a free COBOL compiler
Combine Extensible file matching and filtering
Commoncpp Highly portable C++ class library
Complexity Measure the complexity of C source
Coreutils Collection of basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
Cp-tools Tools for use with GNU Classpath
Cpio Archiver that handles various types of cpio and tar archives
Cssc Free clone of SCCS
Cursynth a polyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal
Dap Statistics and graphics package
Datamash numeric,textual and statistical operations on input textual data files
Ddd Graphical front end for command line debuggers
Ddrescue Data recovery tool
DejaGnu Framework to test programs
Denemo Graphical music notation program
Dia GTK-based diagram drawing program
Dico a flexible modular implementation of DICT server (RFC 2229).
Diction Checks text for readability and bad usage
Diffutils Finds differences between and among files
Dionysus a local machine search engine for universal constants and parameters of scientific and engineering relevance.
Direvent A directory content watcher daemon
Dismal A major mode for GNU Emacs that implements a spreadsheet.
Dmd Service manager that’s a replacement for SysV-init
Dominion Multi-player role-playing simulation
Double Choco Latte System for tracking bugs, changes, enhancements, and requests for software
Dr. geo Ann application to build interactive geometric sketches
EDMA Modular development environment
EPrints Online information archiving system
Easejs Classical object-oriented framework for JavaScript
Ed Line-oriented text editor
Electric An electrical CAD system
Emacs Extensible, real-time editor
Emms EMMS, The Emacs Multimedia System
Enscript Converts ASCII files to PostScript
Epsilon Strongly-typed omega-order programming language
Ferret GNU data modeller
Findutils Tools to find files and to operate on groups of files
Finger 2 Lets Unix users exchange information
Fisicalab educational application to solve physics problems
Fontutils Converts between font formats and creates fonts
Freedink Free enhancement of the Dink Smallwood game engine
Freefont Free UCS outline fonts
Freeipmi Intelligent platform management system
Fribidi Free implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm
GIFT Content based image retrieval system
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
GLUE GNU Internet groupware project
GNAT A complete Ada95 compilation system
GNOWSYS Hybrid database server with a kernel for semantic computing
GNU Alive Automatic login and keep-alive utility for Internet connections.
GNU FM GNU FM is free software for running music community websites.
GNU GRUB GNU GRand Unified Bootloader
GNU Gnash Flash Movie Player
GNU IceCat GNU version of Mozilla Firefox
GNU MAC Changer Is a utility to manipulate a MAC address
GNU Messenger Secure messaging system
GNU MyServer Web server designed for inexperienced users
GNU Pascal Pascal compiler of the GNU Project
GNU Pipo A GNU Bulletion Board System
GNU SQL Server Database management system
GNU Smalltalk Implementation of the Smalltalk object oriented language
GNU Songanizer Script to organize a directory containing ogg and mp3 files.
GNU Source-highlight This program, given a source file, produces a document with syntax highlighting.
GNU TeXmacs Scientific text editor
GNU Teseq a tool for analyzing files that contain control characters and terminal control sequences.
GNU Zile A light Emacs clone.
GNU fdisk Is a libparted-based partitioning tool
GNU ghostscript Interpreter for the Postscript and PDF graphics languages
GNU libmatheval Library for evaluating mathematical expressions
GNU remotecontrol GNU remotecontrol is a web application serving as a management tool for multiple IP enabled HVAC thermostats (device), and other Building Automation devices. The purpose of GNU remotecontrol is to read from and write to multiple IP enabled thermostats.
GNU sauce Anti-spam server
GNU trueprint Prints source code to PostScript printers
GNUKart Racing game
GNUMP3d A light-weight audio server
GNUMed Software for a paperless medical practice
GNUe Application Server Business logic server for 3-tier database applications.
GNUe Common Library Python library for database abstraction, RPC abstraction, and lots of other things.
GNUe Forms Multi-platform user interface generator for database applications with support for various database backends.
GNUe Navigator Multi-platform menuing system.
GNUe Reports Report generator with support for various datasources and different output formats.
GNUjump GNUjump is a simple game where your goal is to keep jumping to upper falling platforms in order to avoid touching the lower part of the screen.
GNUstep A graphical, object oriented programming environment
GOOPS Object-oriented extension to ‘guile’
GSEGrafix a GNOME scientific and engineering plotting program
GWorkspace GNUstep workspace and file manager
Gama Geodetic network adjustment program
Garpd GNU Gratuitous ARP Daemon
Gawk String manipulation language
Gcal Is a program for calculating and printing calendars, and is the GNU implementation of the universally known cal and calendar programs.
Gcc GNU Compiler Collection
Gcjwebplugin Browser plugin that executes Java applets
Gcl Compiler and interpreter for Common Lisp
Gcompris Educational suite for children from 2 to 10
Gdb GNU Debugger
Gdbm Replacement for the ‘dbm’ and ‘ndbm’ libraries
Gengen A parameterized-text-generator generator based on a template
Gengetopt Generates a C function that parses and validates command line options
Gettext Tools to produce multi-lingual messages
Gfe Graphical font editor
Gforth Free implementation of the ANS Forth language
Gfortran Fortran compiler
Ggradebook Fully-featured GNU gradebook
Gleem Library of 3D widgets
Glib Core library that forms the basis of GTK+ and GNOME
Global Source code tag system for C, C++, Java, and Yacc
Glpk GNU Linear Programming Kit
Gmp The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
Gnats Bug tracking system
Gnatsweb Web interface to the GNU bug management system
Gnochive GUI frontend for multiple archivers
Gnome The GNU desktop
Gnotary Project to produce a digital notary service
Gnotepad+ HTML and text editor
Gnu-arch Revision control system
Gnu-c-manual A reference manual of the C programming language as implemented by GCC
Gnu-crypto Project to produce a full set of Java cryptographic tools
Gnu-pw-mgr passwords manager
GnuCAD 2 Unfinished project to write a free CAD system
Gnuae Software to produce alternative energy systems
Gnubatch an advanced batch scheduling system for GNU.
Gnubg Plays and analyzes backgammon games and matches
Gnubiff Mail notification program
Gnubik 3D Rubik’s cube game
Gnucap A general purpose circuit simulator
Gnucash Personal and small business money-management software
Gnucomm GNU telecommunications project
Gnudos A software library to help new GNU system users
Gnugo Plays the game of Go
Gnuit Tools for simple, daily file and system management tasks
Gnulib GNU portability library
Gnumach Microkernel of the GNU system
Gnumeric Math program intended to replace commercial spreadsheets
Gnun a build system for translations.
Gnunet Anonymous peer-to-peer file-sharing
Gnupg Complete implementation of the OpenPGP Internet standard
Gnupod Lets you use an iPod under GNU/Linux
Gnuradio Software to create digital radio signals
Gnurobots Real-time game
Gnuschool Is a web application for educators, students, and school administrators.
Gnushogi Japanese version of chess
Gnuskies Project to create a free version of the xephem program
Gnusound Multitrack sound editor for Gnome
Gnuspool a spooling system which can support any type of printer and printer interface.
Gnusysutils Planned group of utilities for system administrators
Gnutrition Nutrition analysis software
Goldwater Middleware component of the DotGNU project
Goptical GNU Optical design and simulation library
Gorm Graphic Object Relationship Modeler
Gpaint GNOME paint program
Gperf Generates a hash function
Gprolog Prolog compiler
Greg Software testing framework
Grep Finds lines that match entered patterns
Gretl Software for econometric analysis
Groff Document formatting system
Gsasl SASL network authentication library
Gsl Routines for numerical computing
Gsrc GNU Source Release Collection
Gss Implementation of the Generic Security Service API
Gtick Digital metronome
Gtk+ GNU toolkit for X windows development
Gtypist Typing tutor program
Guile GNU extensibility library
Guile-SDL Guile bindings for various SDL libraries
Guile-dbi Guile database abstraction layer
Guile-gnome Helps Scheme programmers develop visual applications
Guile-gtk Guile language bindings for Gtk+ version 1.2
Guile-ncurses A library for interfacing GNU Guile with ncurses for the creation of textual user interfaces.
Guile-opengl OpenGL bindings for GNU Guile
Guile-rpc pure Scheme implementation of XDR and ONC RPC for Guile
Guix GNU Package Manager
Gurgle Formerly the GNU Report Generator
Gv Frontend for ghostscript
Gvpe Secure vpn network among multiple nodes over an untrusted network
Gxmessage GTK2-based xmessage clone.
Gzip Compresses and decompresses files
Halifax Client applications suite for fax applications
Health Hospital and Health Information System
Hello GNU greeting package
Help2man Generates manual pages from program files
Hp2xx Reads and converts HP-GL files to various formats
Httptunnel Creates a data path in HTTP requests
Hurd Project GNU’s replacement for the Unix kernel
Hyperbole Information and text management program
Idutils Tools for indexing
Ignuit A flash-card based memorization aid.
Indent C source beautifier
Inetutils Collection of common network programs
Intlfonts Fonts for all characters Emacs 20 can handle
Jacal Mathematics program
Jel Compiler for simple expressions into Java byte code
Jwhois Internet whois client
Kawa Featureful scheme implementation
Less Display paginator
LibCVS Provides CVS functionality in library form
Libc Library for use with GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux
Libcdio Encapsulates CD-ROM reading and control
Libextractor Extracts metadata information from files
Libffcall Builds foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreters
Libgcrypt Cryptographic library
Libiconv Converts between character encodings
Libidn Internationalized string preparation library
Libmicrohttpd GNU library
Librejs Blocks javascript that is both non-trivial and non-free
Libsigsegv Library for handling page faults
Libtasn1 the ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS, GNU Shishi and some other packages.
Libtool Generic library support script
Libunistring Unicode string library
Libxmi Library for rasterizing 2-D vector graphics
Lightning Generates assembly language code at run-time
Lilypond Music typesetter
Linux-libre UNIX-like monolithic kernel liberated and adopted by the GNU system
Liquidwar6 Liquid War 6 is a unique multiplayer wargame.
Lsh Free implementation of the SSH protocol
M4 Macro processor
Mailman Manages discussion lists
Mailutils A set of libraries and programs for handling e-mail messages
Make Generates executables and other non-source programs
Marst Algol to C translator
Maverik Virtual reality micro kernel
Mc 2 Converts text documents into a vector space model
Mcron Vixie cron replacement
Mcsim Simulation software for designing, analyzing and calibrating mathematical models
Mdk Emulator and development environment for Knuth’s MIX computer
MediaGoblin A way to share your media with the world
Melting Nearest-neighbor compilation of nucleic acid hybridation
Metahtml Programming language for the Web
Midnight Commander Unix file manager
Mifluz Full text inverted index query library
Mig Interface generator for the Hurd
Miscfiles Collection of various files
Mit-scheme MIT/GNU Scheme programming language
Mll2html Converts a mailing lists file to an HTML file
Moe A powerful and user-friendly text editor
Motti Multiplayer, networked strategy game
Mpc C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result
Mpfr Multiple-precision Floating-point library with correct rounding.
Mtools Lets Unix systems work with DOS files
Muse Emacs mode for publishing in various modes
NMIS Powerful Network Performance Management Software
Nana Library for assertion checking and logging in GNU C/C++
Nano Pico clone for *NIX
Nautilus File manager and graphical shell
Ncurses Displays and updates text on text-only terminals
Nettle Cryptographic library
OMGCP 2 Free implementation of the Open Media Gateway Control Protocol
Ocrad OCR program based on feature extraction
Octal 2 Free digital sound workstation for Unix-like systems
Octave High-level language for numerical computations
Oleo Lightweight spreadsheet program
Orca Screen reader for Gnome
Org An Emacs mode for notes and project planning
Orgadoc Helps organize documentation
Osip Library supporting the Session Initiation Protocol
PCB Designs printed circuit board layouts
PHP GroupWare Groupware suite
PIPS Converts data between formats
Panorama Framework for 3D graphics production
Paperclips Webserver and dynamic content container
Parallel a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more computers
Parted Manipulates disk partitions
Patch Applies a patch to a file
Patchwork Utility for rapid patch development and submission
Paxutils Tool to manage file archives
Personal Expenses Manager Is a command line accounting program
Pexec Execute commands or shell scripts in parallel on a local or remote host
Phantom home Home automation system
Phantom security Home security system
Phpgrabcomics Retrieves and saves comics from the Web
Pies Program Invocation and Execution Supervisor
Plotutils Plotting and graphics utilities
Polyxmass Mass spectrometric framework for simulation and analysis of mass spectrometric data of (bio-)polymers
Prolog for Java an implementation of ISO Prolog as a Java library
Proto Tools to find function prototypes
Protoize Creates or removes prototypes from C code
Proxyknife Validate free proxies for users behind firewalls
Pspp Statistics package
Psychosynth an interactive modular soft-synth.
Pth GNU Portable Threads library
Ptx Index generator
Pyconfigure Configure and install Python software the GNU way
Qexo XQuery to Java compiler
Queue Batch processing and local rsh replacement system
R a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
Radius Remote authentication and accounting system
Rcs Version control and project management software
Readline Lets users edit command lines as they are typed in
Recutils Tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases
RefTeX a specialized package for support of labels, references, citations, and the indices in LaTeX.
Rottlog GNU log management utility.
Rpge an engine for 2D role playing games.
Rush Restricted User Shell with sophisticated configuration files.
SXML Defines and implements a mark-up language
Sather Object-oriented language
Screen Runs separate screens on a single terminal
Sed A stream-oriented non-interactive text editor
Serveez Server framework
Servletapi An extensible framework for building web applications.
Shared Memory Manager access all shared memory
Sharutils Creates and helps unpack shell archives
Shishi Free implementation of the Kerberos 5 network security system
Shtool The GNU portable shell tool
Sipwitch a pure SIP-based office telephone call server that offers generic business telephone system features.
Slib Portable scheme library
SmartEiffel Eiffel compiler
Social GNU social implements the OStatus standard for decentralized social networking.
Solfege Eartraining program for GNOME
Sourceinstaller Graphical tool for source package configuration, installation, tracking and removal
Sovix PHP-based, semantic website revision system
Spacechart Displays the stars in space in 3D
Speex Speech compression format
Spell Spell checker
Sqltutor Interactive web based tool for learning SQL by examples
Src-highlite Turns source code into a file with syntax highlighting
Stow Manages installation process
Superopt Finds the shortest instruction sequence for a given function
Swbis Extensions to the POSIX packaging standard
Talkfilters Translates English text into dialects
Tar Creates tar archives
Termcap A library for sending terminal control codes
Termutils Programs for controlling terminals
Texinfo Produces manuals, ASCII text, and on-line documentation
Thales doctest-like system for GNU Guile
The GNU Objective C Class Library The GNU Objective C Class Library (libobjects) is a library of general-purpose, non-graphical Objective C objects
The mneme project a constituent management system for nonprofits
Time Reports the user, system, and real time used by a process
ToutDoux Project manager
Tramp Remote file editing software
Unifont unicode font and utilities
Units Unit conversion and calculation
Unrtf Converts from RTF to other formats
Userv Security boundary tool
Uucp File copying program
VC-dwim a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool.
VCD Imager Free software (Super) video CD authoring solution
Vera V.E.R.A. Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms
Vmslib GNU vmslib is a bunch of files and small routines that can help people to port GNU programs to VMS
Wdiff Front end to GNU ‘diff’
WebSocket4J a WebSocket protocol implementation in Java.
Wget Retrieves files from the Web
Which Prints out full path of execuatbles
Window Maker Window manager for X Window System
Womb Repository for homeless code
XBoard Graphical chessboard
Xaos Real-time fractal zoomer
Xhippo Playlist manager
Xlogmaster Monitors logfiles and devices
Xnee Records, distributes, and replays X11 protocol data
Xorriso maps file objects
Zebra Implementation of routing protocols

All GNU packages

Here is a list of all current GNU packages, using their package identifiers (rather than long names) for brevity, and sorted alphabetically. If you have corrections to or questions about this list, please email <>.

Also available are lists of:

3dldf a2ps acct acm adns alive anubis apl archimedes aris aspell auctex autoconf autoconf-archive autogen automake avl ballandpaddle barcode bash bayonne bazaar bc bfd binutils bison bool bpel2owfn c-graph ccaudio ccd2cue ccide ccrtp ccscript cflow cgicc chess cim classpath classpathx clisp cobol combine commoncpp complexity config consensus coreutils cpio cppi cssc cursynth dap datamash dc ddd ddrescue dejagnu denemo dia dico diction diffutils dionysus djgpp dmd dominion dr-geo easejs ed edma electric emacs emacs-muse emms enscript eprints epsilon fdisk ferret findutils fisicalab fontutils freedink freefont freeipmi freetalk fribidi gama garpd gawk gcal gcc gcide gcl gcompris gdb gdbm gengen gengetopt gettext gforth ggradebook ghostscript gift gimp gleem glib global glpk glue gmediaserver gmp gnash gnat gnats gnatsweb gnome gnowsys gnu-c-manual gnu-crypto gnu-pw-mgr gnuae gnubatch gnubg gnubiff gnubik gnucap gnucash gnucobol gnucomm gnudos gnue gnufm gnugo gnuit gnujdoc gnujump gnukart gnulib gnumach gnumed gnumeric gnump3d gnun gnunet gnupg gnupod gnuprologjava gnuradio gnurobots gnuschool gnushogi gnusound gnuspeech gnuspool gnustandards gnustep gnutls gnutrition gnuzilla goptical gorm gpaint gperf gprolog grabcomics greg grep gretl groff grub gsasl gsegrafix gsl gsrc gss gtick gtk+ gtypist guile guile-dbi guile-gnome guile-ncurses guile-opengl guile-rpc guile-sdl guix gurgle gv gvpe gxmessage gzip halifax health hello help2man hp2xx httptunnel hurd hyperbole icecat idutils ignuit indent inetutils intlfonts jacal java-getopt jel jwhois kawa kopi leg less libc libcdio libdbh liberty-eiffel libextractor libffcall libgcrypt libiconv libidn libjit libmatheval libmicrohttpd libredwg librejs libsigsegv libtasn1 libtool libunistring libxmi lightning lilypond lims linux-libre liquidwar6 lispintro lrzsz lsh m4 macchanger mailman mailutils make marst maverik mc mcron mcsim mdk mediagoblin melting metaexchange metahtml mifluz mig miscfiles mit-scheme moe motti mpc mpfr mpria mtools nana nano ncurses nettle network ocrad octave oleo orgadoc osip panorama parallel parted pascal patch paxutils pcb pdf pem pexec pgccfd phantom_home pies pipo plotutils polyxmass powerguru proxyknife pspp psychosynth pth pyconfigure pythonwebkit qexo quickthreads r radius rcs readline recutils reftex remotecontrol rottlog rpge rush sather scm screen sed serveez sharutils shishi shmm shtool sipwitch slib smalltalk social solfege spacechart speex spell sqltutor src-highlite stalkerfs stow stump superopt swbis sysutils talkfilters tar termcap termutils teseq teximpatient texinfo texmacs thales time tramp trans-coord trueprint unifont units unrtf userv uucp vc-dwim vcdimager vera vmgen wb wdiff websocket4j webstump wget which womb xaos xboard xhippo xlogmaster xmlat xnee xorriso zile