Deploy your websites and apps faster on our world-class VMX Cloud Compute instances and Bare Metal dedicated hosts

VMX Cloud Compute

High Performance compute instances with available directly attached NVME Storage

Launch instantly available enterprise-grade Cloud Servers in over 30+ locations worldwide.

The fastest IPv4 & IPv6 network connectivity located in multiple available regions around the world.

Developers and Agencies need to deploy fast and reliable infrastructure for web projects on demand.

Take advantage of our 1-click application servers to launch WordPress, Joomla, Docker and more.

Run your applications in the cloud with the flexibility of virtual machines and the security of container technology. Choose a high availability Windows Server, Linux OS or your own custom platform.

Starting at $10/mo.

BMX Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers with no virtualization

Power your business with the flexibility and control of our next generation single tenant dedicated servers. Reap the benefits of having your own bare metal hardware with no electricity, maintenance or setup fees.

Our Intel Xeon and AMD based dedicated servers are engineered for performance with no virtualization and enable you to scale your web projects effortlessly at will. Up to 100Gbps Network Speeds Avail.

Features & Specifications

Instant provisioning with zero maintenance or setup fees




for Developers & Teams

Scalable Cloud Computing

  • Popular OS configurations
  • 1-Click application servers
  • For startups large websites and agencies

GPU Compute Instances

  • Train AI and Machine Learning models
  • High Performance Computing
  • VFX and Video Rendering

Powerful Dedicated Servers

  • The ultimate bare metal solution
  • For mid to enterprise scale workloads
  • Platform and service providers

Easy Control

Take control of your cloud network with the simplest user interface that you can access securely from any device, any browser, or location

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All Your Favorite Flavors

You get our “Everything you need under one roof” cloud solution no need to go elsewhere for any of your favorite OS distributions or server applications

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Launch Something Big

Go live with your websites, blogs, online stores and mobile applications with a faster network and simple pricing with no surprises.

Simple upfront pricing

Deploy unlimited servers on demand in the cloud. Sign up for SecureWeb Cloud today.

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