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Cancellation Process

Cancellation Process

We expect our customers to follow our refund policy instead of issuing chargebacks of any kind, and chargebacks are always considered to be fraud. Please, refer to our chargeback policy for details.

Money Back Guarantee 

SecureWeb Cloud offers an unconditional 10 days money back guarantee on all offered hosting plans except cloud servers / vps services. Requests for these refunds should be made through our Support Team. Refunds made for a 10 days money back guarantee will not include credit deposits, setup fees, nor will they include any fees for additional services that are purchased in the first ten 10 days. Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund and the money back guarantee cannot be used by the same customer multiple times or for multiple accounts.


If you have purchased the hosting plan for a year but you stopped using it in several months you may request a refund but in this case we will deduct the full price for each month of the hosting use without annual discount.

SecureWeb Cloud offers refunds for uncompleted services only. You can not request a refund for the script installation once installation is completed.

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